We are a national corporation.

No matter where you are, we are at your service!

iHAULIT is an on demand delivery company that specializes in moving large items and oversized loads that do not fit in standard vehicles. 

Our driver arrives with their truck and loads the cargo you scheduled for pick-up. He then delivers it to your destination.  Whether you require a pick-up truck, box truck, SUV, van, trailer, flatbed, or hitch, we have the drivers. Our drivers have the vehicles to get the job done!

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  • Background Checks
  • Clean driving records


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  • Who are the drivers?
  • How does payment work?
  • What if extra services are needed?
  • What happens if the delivery changes?


When you get a great deal on an nice piece of furniture, but have no way to get it home, call iHAULIT!


Simply download the iHAULIT APP in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, or request a haul online. Go to the Book Now page and set your pickup location and enter a brief description of what you need delivered. 

The app will find a driver in your area, and you will receive a confirmation prompt with the driver's information along with their vehicle make/model. Once confirmed, you can track your driver until he arrives at your pickup location.  You are also track your item(s) until it arrives at its destination.

  • Provide pick up and delivery information
  • Created to help everyday people 
  • On demand, dependable, safe trransportation
  • We haul most anything that will not fit in your car